Bot Commands

Command Description
!help - Links to this page
!points [username] - Shows your points, or points of [username]
!top5 - Shows the top 5 points leaderboards
!gamble [points] / all - Gamble your points away!
!gambletop - Shows the top 5 gambles made
!slap [username] - Slap another user
!duel [points] [username] - Challenge another user to a duel for [points]
!accept [username] - Accept [username]'s duel invite
!heist [points] / all - Start or join a heist contributing [points] number of points
!donate [points] [username] - Give [points] number of points to [username]
!chair - Chair hype counter
!rip - RIP counter
!nope - NOPE counter
!counters - Shows all counters
!stats [game] - See counter stats for specified game name
!uptime - Shows how long the stream has been live
!followage [username] - Shows how long you (or [username]) have been following the channel
!raffle - Enter a raffle drawing